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As a Blogger 

While I have set up and maintained several websites since I started dabbling at web design in 1999, I only started blogging in 2019. I launched my first blog "Do more of what makes you happy" in order to focus on the little things in life, the ones that make me happy or happier each and every day. It was my intention to keep the blog going for at least 365 days. I even did that for a while longer. In the end, it just got too repetitive and also took up too much of my time maintaining this daily, bilingual blog.

While I no longer blog there regularly, one item on my 21 for 2021 list is to publish at least two entries per month. Checking out "Do more of what makes you happy" will give you a good idea of who I am if you consider working with me.

Do more 
of what makes you happy

In July 2020 I started second blog. One that might seem strange to most people. However, as I explain in my first entry (in German only), I designed my first Partezettel (something between a death notice and an obituary) on the occasion of my Dad's passing. Somehow, it gave me great comfort doing that. And it still does. Creating these unique designs makes me happier and over time has helped me to improve my graphical skills.

At the time of writing, I am more than half way through my 365-day-challenge. If you are interested in one of my designs for a loved one who passed away, please contact me by stating the date of the design.

Over a year later I still have not broken my chain. Follow this link for information about my unique Partezettel-Designs (obituary designs) (in German)

Meine Partezettel-Challenge