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So why …? On this page, I want to answer questions with regard to my website, my approach (to work), my person, my expert knowledge and several other things that might be of interest to you but do not fit anywhere else within my internet presence.

Why is your business website so colorful?

The short answer is "Because I like rainbows". The "slightly" longer one is as follows: Ever since I first started Service In Perfection in 1999, I chose #107b74 and alike as my preferred color. I guess I have wanted to change that for a while … but could just not decide on an alternative.

Then in 2020, amidst just another lockdown, when going through my pictures, it hit me. Why not choose several different colors instead of one color scheme?! And what better to use than the colors of the rainbow? For as long as I can remember, I have always loved rainbows and their composition of color. With time I learned how to recognize the lighting conditions that would very likely produce a rainbow. Aside from that, I like it a bit whimsical and bringing more color into my life. I keep on purchasing items in the colors of the rainbow. And I enjoy taking pictures of rainbows and items in the color of the rainbow. Some of them will surely end up in my "Rainbow Gallery".

In a nutshell, for me, a 🌈 stands for (my) versatility, creativity, happiness and so much more. And that is also why I selected RAINBOW as my one-word theme for 2021 (and very likely beyond).