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Business Name:
Service In Perfection
Sole Proprietor:
Mag. Sabine I. Petrasch, MA, BA

Mailing Address:
Josefstädter Straße 79/38, 1080 Vienna, Austria
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Information requirements under section 5 para. 1 Austrian E-Commerce Act (ECG)

Division: Corporate Consultation, Accounting and IT
Subdivision: IT Services
Supervising municipal authority: Municipal Office for the 8th district
Entry in the database of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

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Until further notice, the General Terms and Conditions, as provided by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce here, apply.

Disclosure requirements according to section 25 para. 2, 3, 4 und 5 Austrian Media Act

Media Owner: Mag. Sabine I. Petrasch, MA, BA
Professional Title: Web designer and e-learning expert
Business Purpose: Providing IT services and related advice and consulting
Address of Media Owner: Josefstädter Straße 79/38, 1080 Vienna, Austria
Purpose of Medium: Information about me and my activities as web designer and e-learning expert as well as related services for all visitors to this website.

Applicable Law

According to section 20 Austrian E-Commerce Act, the home state principle applies. Consequently, the law of the country in which the media owner of the website is based applies to its imprint regulations. Therefore, Austrian law applies to this website.

Disclaimer and Intellectual Property Right

The content of this website serves to present my services as a web designer and e-learning expert. While I try to keep the content up-to-date, I cannot accept any liability for it or for the completeness of the provided information. Subject to errors, mistakes and changes. All prices on this website include 20 % VAT but are subject to a written confirmation of order.

In addition, all texts on this website are protected by intellectual property right and require the explicit consent of the media owner for being used beyond this website (including translation, distribution). This applies in particular to the contact details that are provided exclusively for interested parties and may NOT be included in external (company) databases.