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The Idea Giver: an example 

I had been thinking about the problem in question for a while before I finally wrote a letter … And it has been a while since then. I looked it up. All that took place in March/April 2012:

I wrote a letter to Österreichische Lotterien and pointed out that the way the so called JOKER numbers are drawn is kind of counterproductive when it comes to happiness and motivation. In order to understand the problem you need to know that the 6-digit JOKER number is made up of six numbers that are drawn from the front (left to right).

I hardly ever watch the drawing of Lotto 6.45 + JOKER but I can imagine that it must be extremly frustrating to have 5 numbers in the correct order and then the last digit does not match. The same must be true for fewer numbers. On the other hand, if they would start the drawing from the back (right to left), this would result in a maximization of happiness because people would go "oh, I have 1 number correct!" … "and another one" … "I can't believe it, I got all the numbers right!".

And here is what I heard back from Österreichische Lotterien two and a half weeks later: Die Verlautbarung der gezogenen Zahlen von links nach rechts, wie sie beim Joker vorliegt, entspricht der internationalen Vorgehensweise und wurde so vor 23 Jahren in Österreich eingeführt. Diese ist von unseren Spielteilnehmern gelernt, vom Großteil akzeptiert und wird als spannend empfunden. [The announcement of the drawn numbers from left to right, as is the case with the Joker, corresponds with the international procedure1 and was introduced in Austria 23 years ago. This has been learned by our lottery players, accepted by the majority and is perceived as exciting.]

And no, they had not plans of changing that.

1: I have seen otherwise in Canada but I have no idea whether that is still the case today.